The Future of Composting is Residential

MIT has produced an excellent new study of the new frontier in municipal waste management: curbside compost collection. The study looks at every aspect of this growth area in composting and considers best practices from the perspectives of cost, compliance, and quality of results. The Kompost Kids are lobbying for compost adoption at every level: commercial, municipal, and residential. We’ve helped teach many Milwaukee

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Growing Local Fertility – New Report

The Highfields Center for Composting and the Institute for Local Self-Reliance recently collaborated on an exhaustive new report on community composting that featured Kompost Kids and similar organizations in other cities that are spreading the gospel of local disposal and soil regeneration (see page 47). The report goes deeply into the whys, hows, and whats of community composting at a variety of scales, from “home hubs”

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Tom’s of Maine, Our Continued Gratitude

Thanks again to Tom’s of Maine for its generous support to the Kompost Kids mission of organics diversion, compost education, and sustainable business practice.