Tom’s of Maine, Our Continued Gratitude

Thanks again to Tom’s of Maine for its generous support to the Kompost Kids mission of organics diversion, compost education, and sustainable business practice.

Beware: Coffee Pods Lurking!

Sorry, Keurig converts, but coffee pods are simply no fun in the compost bin, community or otherwise. Thrice in the past several weeks, I’ve pulled a load of single-serving pods out of our contribution bin at the Scooter Foundation at Buffum and Wright and brought them home to harvest the grounds and paper filter and pitch the remnant unsavories, the foil top and plastic

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Spring Heat

It’s still pretty chilly in Milwaukee, but things are heating up at our compost sites. All four of our River West sites are back in action, ready for new contributions, and are looking especially good after some spring cleaning. It’s a wonderful thing to behold a once-frozen pile of material having fully thawed out and beginning to reheat as the bacteria rapidly colonize and

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